Building a Garden Pond from Scratch


Whether it is an inbuilt desire to return to the comfort of our pre-born amniotic beginnings, or connected to the fact that our bodies are predominantly made up of water, the evidence is clear- we are irresistibly drawn to water.

Holidays by the sea, weekends up at ‘The Lakes’ and walks along hillside torrents fill us with a sense of fulfilment and belonging. So strong is our need to be close to water that we bring some closer to home where it can comfort us each day. To an ‘outsider’, this may appear illogical, but on reflection, our desire is just as much a biological requirement as an aesthetic need, with our subconscious eager to make us feel complete. Nature seems to have left a hole in our psyche, and an oasis of water (particularly moving) appears to fill that void.

We can soon satisfy our aquatic craving with a number of alternatives that bring the enchanting atmosphere of moving water to a back yard or garden. A new dimension of the sight and sound of water bubbling and sparkling as it tumbles from its source through the sunlight. The erratic, yet natural routes that water chooses to take, producing a similarly random backdrop of hypnotic sounds as it trickles, falls or tumbles into an effervescent pool.

You have in your hands a one-stop practical guide to creating that back garden aquatic oasis. Use the step-by-step approach to guide you from the planning stage through to a balanced and mature pond, full of growing, healthy fish and plants.

At every stage of creating your own pond, you will be faced with many interesting choices, each with their own challenges and benefits. Be led by your own creativity, budget or instinct to create an aquatic feature that not only reflects your own image, but also your inspiration. You start with a clean slate, so let your imagination take over; Read on……

Kill blanketweed and string algae.