Pond Water clarity problems

Cloudy water? If you can’t see your koi or pond fish and your pond resembles pea soup – then find out how to make your pond water sparkle.

Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

I installed a new 2000 gallon pond in March of this year, constructed using a liner and incorporating an external multi-chambered filter. I have been adding koi to it since Easter and have noticed that the pond’s clarity has deteriorated from its initial crystal clear state . . . → Read More: Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

Crystal clear pond water

A stunning way of bringing living, moving splashes of colour into a garden is by keeping fish in a garden pond.

The fish that are routinely kept in ponds are brightly coloured, ornamental varieties of their poorly coloured natural ancestors. However, one of the most common problems . . . → Read More: Crystal clear pond water

Discoloured tinted pond water

A koi pond’s stability is often overlooked as one of the most influential factors in maintaining koi health. We can often be guilty of forever tweaking and adjusting water quality in our quest for ‘perfect’ water quality. With respect to water parameters such as pH and . . . → Read More: Discoloured tinted pond water

Foaming pond surface problems

Water quality is the keystone to successful koi keeping. Remove it and koi health problems are likely to follow. There are many different water quality parameters that require constant monitoring with the results and interpretation of water tests essential to maintain a healthy pond.

he most regularly . . . → Read More: Foaming pond surface problems

Foamy pond surface. Why?

Q: I understand that good water quality is perhaps the most important way of ensuring healthy Koi, and as such, parameters like ammonia, nitrate and pH should be kept within their recommended levels. But what about other measures of water quality, such as how foamy your . . . → Read More: Foamy pond surface. Why?

Milky water problems in koi pond

I have two separate queries which I would like some advice on please. I have a half in and half out 4,400 gallon koi pond.

The pond is filtered on a gravity fed system into a three chamber filter. Filter dimensions are 8ft x 3ft x 3ft. . . . → Read More: Milky water problems in koi pond

My pond water murky cloudy

At some time we are likely to have asked questions such as ‘ How do they keep their water so crystal clear?’ or, ‘what are they doing that I am not?’ when we have seen truly clear water.

Some of the most impressive koi collections I have . . . → Read More: My pond water murky cloudy

Pond water is tinted coloured

I am relatively new to koi keeping, having installed a new koi pond in March this year. Taking the advice I have read in your magazine, I have been very careful to find a koi dealer who I believe I can trust.

Under their guidance, by choosing . . . → Read More: Pond water is tinted coloured

Kill blanketweed and string algae.