Pond Types

A series on different types of pond

A pond with pond pumps waterfalls fountains

It is widely regarded that a garden is not complete without a water feature, and that a garden literally comes alive when that water feature involves moving water.

There are a number of alternatives that bring the enchanting atmosphere of moving water to a garden. . . . → Read More: A pond with pond pumps waterfalls fountains

Building a bog garden.

When building a pond, we generally have a good idea as to how we want it to look when completed. Our pond size will determine how many fish can be stocked and the pond’s shape and design will be a guide as to how it should . . . → Read More: Building a bog garden.

Building a wildlife natural conservation pond

A wildlife pond is best suited to an area of garden set aside as a conservation or ‘back-to-nature’ area.  It may be a part of the garden where you choose not to mow the grass, but let it shoot up to provide cover, perhaps even planting . . . → Read More: Building a wildlife natural conservation pond

Koi pond construction

When considering the design and location of a garden pond, it helps to take into account the type of pond you want to build.  This will determine the design and final location for the new pond.

If our aim is to encourage wildlife by providing an aquatic . . . → Read More: Koi pond construction

The standard planted garden pond

Some of the most memorable ponds are those which look as though they have been planted by Mother Nature herself. Appearing as though generations of weathering and evolution have shaped an aquatic hollow, to nestle in true balance with its surroundings.

We too appear to be in . . . → Read More: The standard planted garden pond

Kill blanketweed and string algae.