Koi pond fish digestion

Understand how your pond fish digest their food so you can feed them more effectively.

Koi Digestion Excretion

The ‘living Koi pond’, whether a clear and circulating or natural and clay-based, consists of a living highway of biological processes that interact with each other to form an aquatic environment. In a natural water body, food and energy will cycle through a chain of closely . . . → Read More: Koi Digestion Excretion

Koi digestive system. How it works

The more we know and understand about certain aspects of our life, the more we can appreciate them. I remember the first time I learnt and understood how an engine worked, I was amazed that our family car actually worked knowing its old age and history. . . . → Read More: Koi digestive system. How it works

Koi goldfish digestion – Stomachless fish.

We have already seen how the carp is an adaptable fish by being so productive in a varied and changing food environment. The carp’s productivity is even more remarkable when taking a closer look at its digestive system.

Generally, digestion takes place in the gut by way . . . → Read More: Koi goldfish digestion – Stomachless fish.

Koi Goldfish Digestion.

Koi eat to live (except Chagoi that obviously live to eat!) and a koi’s physiology is adapted to be able to consume and digest a vast array of living and dead food materials. The processed and manufactured artificial diets that are routinely offered to koi bear . . . → Read More: Koi Goldfish Digestion.

Koi, goldfish natural pond diet

The naturally occurring high quality livefood encountered by fish in the natural pond environment is the envy of commercial food manufacturers who try to match the high standard set by nature in an artificial bait. In a totally natural pond or lake situation the success of . . . → Read More: Koi, goldfish natural pond diet

Pond fish food to filters

When I was discussing this article I suggested a ‘How it works’ series, covering anything from food right through to filters. My offer was misunderstood and I was taken quite literally at my word (and was asked to write ‘How it works – from food to . . . → Read More: Pond fish food to filters

Kill blanketweed and string algae.