Pond Filters

Getting the right filter will make pond keeping a breeze. Think of your filter as your pond’s liver, providing your fish with excellent water quality and keeping your pond water clear.

Biological Pond Filtration

How it works. Biological Filtration

Our ponds are home to far more living organisms than the fish we have stocked and see swimming around ever day. A pond is quite literally alive with micro organisms that have colonised to exploit the food and favourable conditions for their . . . → Read More: Biological Pond Filtration

Choosing the right pond filter

If you drive a car, the odds are you will fall into one of two categories. Those whose priorities are the looks or a car and the driving experience, and those who are interested in what’s happening under the bonnet. I fall into the first group, . . . → Read More: Choosing the right pond filter

Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

I installed a new 2000 gallon pond in March of this year, constructed using a liner and incorporating an external multi-chambered filter. I have been adding koi to it since Easter and have noticed that the pond’s clarity has deteriorated from its initial crystal clear state . . . → Read More: Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

Crystal clear pond water

A stunning way of bringing living, moving splashes of colour into a garden is by keeping fish in a garden pond.

The fish that are routinely kept in ponds are brightly coloured, ornamental varieties of their poorly coloured natural ancestors. However, one of the most common problems . . . → Read More: Crystal clear pond water

Do I need an aquarium filter?

It is the role of the aquarium filter to maintain a stable and safe water quality within an aquarium.
If the water quality is ideal then the fish will thrive and be less likely to develop health problems.
An aquarium filter is effective removing solids and breaking down . . . → Read More: Do I need an aquarium filter?

Foamy pond surface. Why?

Q: I understand that good water quality is perhaps the most important way of ensuring healthy Koi, and as such, parameters like ammonia, nitrate and pH should be kept within their recommended levels. But what about other measures of water quality, such as how foamy your . . . → Read More: Foamy pond surface. Why?

Garden pond filtration

It is a long time since I last watched The Wizard of Oz (I didn’t catch it this Christmas) and I can’t recall the finer details of the ending. But what I do remember is towards its conclusion, experiencing a real anti-climax when we were shown . . . → Read More: Garden pond filtration

Garden pond koi pond filtration

Q: I’ve been a pond keeper for years but have just recently become hooked on Koi. I want to ensure I provide my new Koi with ideal pond conditions. Having just kept goldfish before there has been no need for filters, but obviously there is with . . . → Read More: Garden pond koi pond filtration

Koi pond filtration

The most appealing part of koi keeping is marvelling at a pond full of ornamental beauty. The challenge in achieving that ultimate goal is to be able to understand and master the many practical demands put on a koi keeper. Some of these practical challenges, on . . . → Read More: Koi pond filtration

Koi pond filtration

Installing a bio filter is the price we have to pay for wanting to keep koi in an artificial pond. It performs the functions that occur naturally in a lake or river within a compact unit and is arguably the single most important factor that makes . . . → Read More: Koi pond filtration

Mechanical pond filtration

Whenever koi pond filtration is discussed, attention tends to be focused on the biological aspects, with the emphasis being placed on maturation rates, testing for ammonia and nitrite and avoiding new pond syndrome at all costs. But effective pond filtration results from the combination of a . . . → Read More: Mechanical pond filtration

My pond water murky cloudy

At some time we are likely to have asked questions such as ‘ How do they keep their water so crystal clear?’ or, ‘what are they doing that I am not?’ when we have seen truly clear water.

Some of the most impressive koi collections I have . . . → Read More: My pond water murky cloudy

Pond bridges pond lighting stepping stones

Do you believe in the ‘7 year itch’? An innate desire to try something different, becoming bored of what you set out with several years ago. All evidence in fact, suggests that the urge arrives far sooner than 7 years for pond keepers.

Our first (or even . . . → Read More: Pond bridges pond lighting stepping stones

Pond Filter Choices


A filter is the means by which your koi are kept alive. It is bought to complement the size of a pond and installed at the same time as the pond. The simplest way of obtaining an effective filter for a small to medium pond is . . . → Read More: Pond Filter Choices

Pond filter in spring

Our gardens, and everything in them cannot avoid the seasonal variations in temperature – responding accordingly with periods of inactivity and growth in winter and summer respectively. As spring approaches, life within our garden and koi pond is not be able to resist nature’s call to . . . → Read More: Pond filter in spring

pond filter options

A pond filter is the inseparable partner of the pond pump that we looked at last month. Just as the pump’s role can be compared to that of our heart, the filter’s role is that of the liver and kidneys combined. All of the water that . . . → Read More: pond filter options

Pond filters biofiltration.

Pond Filtration:

All living animals produce waste which is toxic and must be excreted. If such waste is allowed to build up once excreted, then it is likely that health problems will follow. This is true for pond fish just as it is for slums in city . . . → Read More: Pond filters biofiltration.

Pond Filtration: Settlement and bio-towers.

Dear Ben,

I am currently in the middle of building a koi pond of around 2,000gallons. I am planning on using traditional settlement and wondered what flow rate and size of settlement you would advise. Would you also include brushes? And how good are trickle towers for . . . → Read More: Pond Filtration: Settlement and bio-towers.

Pond water is tinted coloured

I am relatively new to koi keeping, having installed a new koi pond in March this year. Taking the advice I have read in your magazine, I have been very careful to find a koi dealer who I believe I can trust.

Under their guidance, by choosing . . . → Read More: Pond water is tinted coloured

Testing Pond Water Quality

As pond keepers, we spend a great deal of our pond budget on buying a pump and filter so that we can provide our fish with a good healthy environment. Water quality has a very direct and predictable influence on the health and well being of . . . → Read More: Testing Pond Water Quality

The garden pond market

If you were to offer a sample of people the opportunity of having a pond installed in their garden, those that would decline would be in the minority.

Perhaps it is that fact that our bodies are predominantly made up of water, or we have an innate . . . → Read More: The garden pond market

Kill blanketweed and string algae.