Pond Accessories

There are other items you will require besides larger pond hardware (pumps, filters etc). Especially for the hands-on pond keeper.

Garden pond water chemistry

As water passes from our tap, into our koi pond where it circulates for several weeks and is then discharged during a partial water change, it will experience different chemical processes. Having covered the basics of pond chemistry in the previous article, let’s take a look . . . → Read More: Garden pond water chemistry

Pond bridges pond lighting stepping stones

Do you believe in the ‘7 year itch’? An innate desire to try something different, becoming bored of what you set out with several years ago. All evidence in fact, suggests that the urge arrives far sooner than 7 years for pond keepers.

Our first (or even . . . → Read More: Pond bridges pond lighting stepping stones

Pond fish accessories

As someone who may be new to koi keeping, or perhaps are still contemplating taking that leap of faith, it may be wise to take a leaf out of Gordon Brown’s book. When undertaking any project, it is the prudent thing to plan and budget for . . . → Read More: Pond fish accessories

Kill blanketweed and string algae.