Breeding koi pond fish

Our pond fish are likely to breed in our pond in the summer. There are risks involved that we should avoid. With a little care, we can also ensure some of our home-bred fish survive.

Care for koi and goldfish fish – From egg upwards

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Goldfish fighting in my pond?

Goldfish fighting in a pond can be a real concern. Don’t worry – they are not. Goldfish do not have an angry bone in their body. Your goldfish are not fighting – they are breeding and spawning in your pond – Quite the opposite! . . . → Read More: Goldfish fighting in my pond?

How To Breed Goldfish

Goldfish were ‘discovered’ by mistake, when their brown ancestors were bred for food thousands of years ago in China. Now they are bred commercially across many continents to feed our eyes and our insatiable demand for glowing pond dwellers.

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Kill blanketweed and string algae.