Koi Niigata Japan

The birthplace of koi. Why is Niigata such a special place?

Buying koi from farmers breeders

I want to purchase some more koi for my pond as I haven’t bought any for a while. Normally I would go for Japanese koi but recently I’ve been wondering what the difference is between Japanese, Israeli and English koi?

At the moment I have all Japanese . . . → Read More: Buying koi from farmers breeders

Koi Breeding Farming in Niigata

Niigata is respected worldwide as the centre of the koi keeping hobby. The Niigata Prefecture is situated on the northern coast of Japan, directly north of Tokyo, approximately 2 hours’ travelling time on the Bullet train.

The journey is quite an ear-popping experience as you rise into . . . → Read More: Koi Breeding Farming in Niigata

koi farmers of niigata

Every single koi that is produced in Niigata, Japan, is the culmination of generations of talent and expertise dedicated to the production of the world’s most beautiful koi. In fact, it is fair to say that even with everything else that Niigata has to offer koi . . . → Read More: koi farmers of niigata

Koi origins. What are they and where have they come from?

Koi is an abbreviation of nishikigoi, a general term given by the Japanese to coloured koi with markings which are bred for their ornamental value. Their origin can be traced as far back as 2500 years ago when the word koi was first used to describe . . . → Read More: Koi origins. What are they and where have they come from?

Koi – Background and origins

Koi or nishikigoi (Japanese for coloured carp) originate from the paddy fields of Asia and Japan. Like most ornamental pond fish, koi were discovered quite by accident as coloured genetic mutations (accidents of nature) from native black carp which the farmers had introduced from Asia.

The carp . . . → Read More: Koi – Background and origins

Niigata Japan – Koi Farming Centre

When travelling through Niigata in search of koi to bring back to the UK, it’s not long until you discover the infrastructure that works behind the scenes to meet the world’s insatiable demand for world-class koi. Along the meandering roadside, painted signs that try to outshine . . . → Read More: Niigata Japan – Koi Farming Centre

Niigata the birthplace of koi.

Some of the world’s greatest discoveries were discovered quite by accident. Penicillin, X-Rays, Teflon and even Post-It Notes were discovered by people who were preoccupied by unrelated areas of work. They have all since been developed and made available to rest of the world.

Looking back at . . . → Read More: Niigata the birthplace of koi.

Where do koi come from?

Just as China is renowned for its tea, Italy for its pasta and France for its wine, then Japan has a reputation for producing the most impressive Koi.

Cultures that have been the first to pioneer a specialised form of are usually in the best position to . . . → Read More: Where do koi come from?

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