Pond Clays Buffers

Clear koi ponds are rarely as beneficial to our koi than a mud pond. So what can you do to improve your koi’s environment?

Clays buffers in a Koi Pond.

When we view a pond full of koi, swimming and thriving in a high quality pond environment, we are in fact witnessing the product and embodiment of thousands of different microscopic processes that will never be seen by our naked eye. Every time a koi eats . . . → Read More: Clays buffers in a Koi Pond.

Garden pond water chemistry

As water passes from our tap, into our koi pond where it circulates for several weeks and is then discharged during a partial water change, it will experience different chemical processes. Having covered the basics of pond chemistry in the previous article, let’s take a look . . . → Read More: Garden pond water chemistry

Koi pond water affected by pond medications

I found it difficult to follow and understand, could not see at the time why I needed it and having scraped through the exam promptly forgot most of it – ‘O’ Level Physics!

One law I do remember though (and thank you ‘Chopper’ Williams, for explaining it . . . → Read More: Koi pond water affected by pond medications

Kill blanketweed and string algae.