Pond Protein Skimmers

These hi-tech units are designed to remove pollutants that discolour your pond water. Do you really need one? How do they work?

Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

I installed a new 2000 gallon pond in March of this year, constructed using a liner and incorporating an external multi-chambered filter. I have been adding koi to it since Easter and have noticed that the pond’s clarity has deteriorated from its initial crystal clear state . . . → Read More: Cloudy pond water – I can’t see my fish!

Flexible and rigid pond liners.

Any aquarist who is fortunate enough to be able to keep fish inside in an aquarium and outside in a pond soon starts to see the many parallels between keeping fish in both environments. The fish are fed an artificial diet, the water is circulated through . . . → Read More: Flexible and rigid pond liners.

Foaming pond surface problems

Water quality is the keystone to successful koi keeping. Remove it and koi health problems are likely to follow. There are many different water quality parameters that require constant monitoring with the results and interpretation of water tests essential to maintain a healthy pond.

he most regularly . . . → Read More: Foaming pond surface problems

Foamy pond surface. Why?

Q: I understand that good water quality is perhaps the most important way of ensuring healthy Koi, and as such, parameters like ammonia, nitrate and pH should be kept within their recommended levels. But what about other measures of water quality, such as how foamy your . . . → Read More: Foamy pond surface. Why?

How a pond protein skimmer works.

The koi keeping hobby must be like many other hobbies in that each year it is a testing bed for new products and innovations. Many are launched overnight and appear to leave the hobby just as quickly. Others are launched as adaptations from other markets or . . . → Read More: How a pond protein skimmer works.

Pond water is tinted coloured

I am relatively new to koi keeping, having installed a new koi pond in March this year. Taking the advice I have read in your magazine, I have been very careful to find a koi dealer who I believe I can trust.

Under their guidance, by choosing . . . → Read More: Pond water is tinted coloured

Kill blanketweed and string algae.