Pond aeration oxygen problems

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Dissolved oxygen and pond fish

Dissolved Oxygen Concentration (DOC) is the term given to describe the amount of oxygen that is dissolved in pond water.

Dissolved oxygen is measured in terms of how much oxygen (by weight – mg) is dissolved in every litre of water. There are many factors that will . . . → Read More: Dissolved oxygen and pond fish

Garden pond dissolved oxygen

Oxygen, why is it important in the garden pond?

Most fish keeper’s are well aware that the pond or aquarium water should be routinely tested for the presence of pollutants such as ammonia and nitrite but very often the oxygen content is overlooked. Oxygen is an essential . . . → Read More: Garden pond dissolved oxygen

Koi pond oxygen

Koi breathe by pumping water over their gills to extract essential oxygen, which is invisibly dissolved in the pond water.

Fortunately, compared to other fish species, koi do not require an especially high level of dissolved oxygen (DO) which makes them relatively undemanding in this area. Even . . . → Read More: Koi pond oxygen

Pond aeration


Oxygen is the essence of life and is required in abundance in a well stocked koi pond. Oxygen quite readily dissolves passively diffusing from the atmosphere, but this limited amount is insufficient to satisfy the demands of koi and other oxygen-loving pond organisms such as beneficial . . . → Read More: Pond aeration

Pond fish koi are gasping?

Dissolved oxygen concentration             

Q: At various times this summer I have seen my Koi gasping at the pond surface and around my waterfall. Does this mean that there is not enough oxygen in the pond? Is this because of exceptionally high temperatures or for some other reason? . . . → Read More: Pond fish koi are gasping?

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