Bagging moving pond fish

Whether buying or showing koi (or even moving house), it pays to know the best way to move your koi safely.

Bagging transporting koi and goldfish

When did you last attend or witness an awards ceremony? Your child’s sports day perhaps or the OSCARS or BAFTAS on TV?

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How to move and transport koi safely.

House prices continue to rise at an incredible rate and the competition for the next rung on the property ladder is so fierce that many are sold as soon as they are advertised. Consequently, the housing market has never been as buoyant with many homeowners looking . . . → Read More: How to move and transport koi safely.

Moving house. Moving koi

Q: We have just sold our house and are in the process of packing up to move in a couple of weeks. Thankfully the new house does have a pond so I am not worried about where to put my Koi when we get there, just . . . → Read More: Moving house. Moving koi

New pond fish die

Quite a common problem experienced by fish keeper is losing fish after they have recently been
introduced to the aquarium.

There are 2 likely causes:

1. If the aquarium is a new set-up, then fish are lost through a phenomenon known as ‘New Tank Syndrome’
- but is more accurately . . . → Read More: New pond fish die

Kill blanketweed and string algae.