Goldfish Series

We think these enigmatic standard-bearers of all ornamental pond fish deserve a section all to themselves. All you need to know about how to care after the classic pond fish.

Breeding goldfish in a pond

Goldfish were ‘discovered’ by mistake, when their brown ancestors were bred for food thousands of years ago in China. Now they are bred commercially across many continents to feed our eyes and our insatiable demand for glowing pond dwellers.

Related to the carp, the goldfish spawns like . . . → Read More: Breeding goldfish in a pond

Different goldfish varieties

The goldfish apparently has an identity crisis. It is a fish with a single name, but many guises, some as extreme as to suggest that they belong to another species.

The goldfish has very humble beginnings, with its first natural mutation simply being a change in its . . . → Read More: Different goldfish varieties

Golden Orfe (Ide) Leuciscus idus

More golden than a goldfish and at times too swift for the eye to follow, the orfe is a very popular and undemanding pondfish.

The orfe (or ide) is quite a distant relative of the carp and is more accustomed to the dynamic life of a flowing . . . → Read More: Golden Orfe (Ide) Leuciscus idus

Goldfish care and feeding

Goldfish are such a successful and indeed popular fish for the garden pond because they are so tolerant of a range of pond conditions.

The goldfish is the golden variety of a lowland freshwater carp species whose biology and lifestyle is adapted to slow and still waters.

Such . . . → Read More: Goldfish care and feeding

Goldfish health problems. Treating fish disease.

As any responsible, loving parent will testify, it doesn’t matter how well you look out for your children’s welfare, at some time they are likely to experience an unpredictable eventuality or catch the latest bug that is ‘going around’.

These health problems are recognised as the trials . . . → Read More: Goldfish health problems. Treating fish disease.

Keeping Goldfish in a pond

The goldfish can be regarded as the standard bearer of all ornamental fish. Initially kept and prized by the wealthy rulers of China over 1500 years ago, their legacy for us today is the world’s most widely kept pet, probably the first ornamental pet fish in . . . → Read More: Keeping Goldfish in a pond

Sterlets Tench – Bottom Feeding Pond Fish

The Sterlet – Acipenser ruthenus

The Sterlet can be described as a prehistoric fish which dates back to the dinosaurs. Its ancient ancestry is also quite clear when looking at its body form, looking completely alien in a pond when compared to other traditional pond fish.

The Sterlet, . . . → Read More: Sterlets Tench – Bottom Feeding Pond Fish

What fish are compatible with goldfish in a pond?

The goldfish has been subjected to rigorous selection by man in his quest to develop and improve certain desirable physical characteristics.

The longer tails of the comet goldfish, the range of colours available in shubunkins and even the bubble-eyes and pearly scales of the fancier varieties offer . . . → Read More: What fish are compatible with goldfish in a pond?

Why are goldfish so popular?

Like many successful ideas, designs or inventions, their secret to longevity and widespread acclaim is down to their simplicity. What you see is what you get and any additional frills or detail would detract from what would otherwise be simply beautiful.

The goldfish’s popularity goes far deeper . . . → Read More: Why are goldfish so popular?

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