Pond UV Clarifiers

These superb units are guaranteed to help keep your pond water clear. But how do they work and what size will you need for your own pond?

Choosing the right UV clarifier for your pond

Compared to some of the previous articles in this series, looking at choosing a pump, heater or filter, where I had my work cut out trying to condense the information required into a single article, choosing the correct UV for your pond is significantly more straightforward.

Firstly, . . . → Read More: Choosing the right UV clarifier for your pond

Killing green pond water with a UVc

One of the most widespread problems encountered by koi keepers is green water. A suspension of microscopic algae will bloom under specific favourable conditions, causing the appearance of the pond to deteriorate into a pea green soup in only a couple of days.

Green water can be . . . → Read More: Killing green pond water with a UVc

Pond UVc – Algae clarifier

It is not even 30 years since UVCs first became available as a mainstream piece of pond hardware – and so great has been their success and influence on our hobby that a UVc is now widely regarded as a ‘must-have’ on a pond keeper’s shopping . . . → Read More: Pond UVc – Algae clarifier

UVc pond clarifier checklist

Ultraviolet light has been widely used for just over a century as a disinfectant in a number of different industries. British scientists discovered that certain wavelengths of light have germicidal properties by disrupting the reproduction of micro-organisms – viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. This has obvious . . . → Read More: UVc pond clarifier checklist

Kill blanketweed and string algae.